Use this visualization method to boost your motivation

Scenario: It’s 3pm. You sit down and  stare at your computer screen but nothing is happens. Maybe you’re looking at the Excel spreadsheet from hell. Or, maybe it’s your inbox that’s in desperate need of clearing. We all have tasks that we avoid, procrastinate on or just spend far too long getting done. Whatever the task, this visualization trick will give you a huge boost of motivation.

MOTIVATIONJust to warn you, this method is a little bit weird…


I’m going to tell you to talk to yourself.

I promise you wont look like a crazy person. You might want to close your office door or find somewhere you can be alone though…

So, how does talking to yourself and visualization fit together?

Let’s start with the visualization part first.

When you’re avoiding a task or prolonging it, there’s a good chance that you are focused on how painful the task is. Not literally painful (I hope). You’re probably thinking about how boring or difficult it is, how long it will take or you’re just overwhelmed.


Start visualizing the positive results that will come with completing the task.

Stop, take a deep breathe.

This next part is an essential step. TRUST ME.

Think about how you will you feel once you have completed this task. Think about the relief at having the task finished, the sense of accomplishment and any other positive emotions and thoughts you can think of.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck, take a minute to collect your thoughts and if necessary, write a do list for this task.

Next, tell yourself what you’re going to do, in order, step by step.

Say it all out loud and as you talk through the steps, visualize yourself completing each one enthusiastically and successfully.

Even superheroes need a pep talk, every now and again.

For example: “I’m going to take three deep breathes, then, I’m going to work through my emails one by one calmly and quickly. Next I’m going to call that caterer and find out if we can increase the headcount. Then, I’m going to drive over to my client’s office and walk into that meeting with confidence. I’m going to smile and be friendly and present the best pitch ever. They’re going to love it and be super impressed.”

You are the hero of your own story.

By focusing on the positive results that you are working towards AND talking through the little steps you need to get to the end, you will give yourself a psychological boost.

And yes, you really do have to say it all out loud….

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