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Clayworks has been around for 32 years. They’re one of the unique spots that helps give Austin its reputation. The big news is, they now want to open their doors to Austinites and their events.  Although they’ve utilized their space as a venue before, they’re now undergoing various construction projects to expand and improve their venue spaces. Yippee!

Clayworks has two unique spaces to chose from when booking your next event.

Indoor space:
Their indoor space has a lot of their own art hanging on the walls, which gives a nice personal touch. It fits 150-250 people and has a small stage area. They have had artist showcases, dinners, cocktail hours, in this space.


Outdoor/work space:
The outdoor space at Clayworks is unique. It’s a garage-like area where all of the actual clay work is done, which gives the area an authentic artist, rustic, feel. Obviously this space needs to get booked fairly far in advance to give the people at Clayworks time to work around their schedules, but it’s a nice, big, open area that could house a fair number of people.

clayworks Their next project is to work on the garden area, making it more accessible for use by everyone.

Clayworks is the real Austin deal. They’ve been around for a long time and exuberates the Austin spirit. Now that they’re expanding to events, they’ll be able to open their unique shop to be experienced by Austinites.

clayworks Want more details about holding an event here? visit – – for more info.

Contact the venue directly via email, or give em a ring at (512) 474-9551 for more info!

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