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Six Lounge

If you’re looking for the perfect club environment for your next event, look no further.

six lounge

Six Lounge, in the heart of Austin’s Warehouse District and nestled amidst plenty of other great bars and lounges,  is the perfect destination for your next corporate party or social event. Boasting a size-able 1900 square feet and plenty of space for guests galore, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect spot for dancing, drinking, TV or people watching or anything else you might be looking for.

six lounge

Downstairs, you’ll find wide open spaces capable of fitting go-go dancers and DJ’s, a full bar stocked with top shelf liquors, comfortable seating and a great vibe. Upstairs on the rooftop, you’ll be amazed by the picturesque views of downtown Austin. The skyscrapers will frame your evening, complimenting the comfortable seating and bar area. Whether you want to be entirely inside, entirely outside or free to go from one to another, Six Lounge is large enough and accommodates for music and dancing anywhere in the club.

six lounge

State of the art lighting and sound systems create the perfect atmosphere, whether your want an electronic dance party, a cozy live music listening room, or a relaxed lounge to grab a drink with friends.  Ready to plan your next event at Six Lounge? Give us a call here at The Simplifiers and we’ll set you up for success!

six lounge

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