Could You Market Yourself Without Social Media?

By January 16, 2019Sales Mastery

Just imagine it – no Facebook posts or paid ads. No tweeting. No trying to capture the perfect image for Instagram or despairing over your follower numbers. So many of us have social media at the heart of our marketing strategies that we forget to focus on other methods.

marketing for small business ownersI know, a crazy idea. But what if social media disappeared tomorrow? How would you be able to market your products and services and get the word out effectively?

Here are 5 ways to go about it the old-fashioned way, just in case you want to take a digital detox in the next 30 days:


Connect and Collaborate

Team up with other businesses that complement yours and work on special projects together. For example if you’re a graphic designer, could you connect with a personal branding photographer, a business coach and a website designer to create a package for local small business owners?

You can combine your reach, find new clients and offer a unique and effective service that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Go out into the real world!

Remember that you can meet people from places other than behind your computer screen! Go where your Ultimate Ideal Clients (UICs) are and connect with them in real life. That could mean leaving flyers or posters in places where your UICs hang out: think coffeehouses, coworking spaces, cafes and hot spots. Find networking events where they might go and get plugged into what’s happening in your city. You could even host events or workshops to position yourself as an expert and raise your profile.

Forget Email

Sometimes, the old ways are the most effective. Send handwritten cards or goodies by direct mail to your dream clients and make an impression. Be memorable and send something they will actually appreciate and value and I’m not talking about branded pens here!

It feels great to receive something that isn’t a bill! Be bold, make a connection and remind them that you can help them with their greatest needs this year.

Be Charitable

It’s always good to give back and support local charities making a positive impact on the world. But have you thought about how you can do good while helping your business at the same time, too?

Why not offer a silent auction prize for your UIC’s upcoming favorite charity gala? Can you provide a gift certificate for your products or services? Could you include your wares in the event’s goodie bag?

You get to help raise money for a good cause and get noticed by the exact people you’d love to work with.

Ask for referrals

Don’t be shy when it comes to asking for testimonials and referrals – especially when it comes to your favorite clients. They come to you for a reason and if they liked your products or services, they are likely to want to support you to see you succeed.

Call them up and tell them you’ve got a special offer this month built specifically for them and their friends. Word of mouth is extremely powerful – we trust our friends and family more than ads and generally pay more attention to them too!

How many of these methods are already part of your marketing strategy?

Don’t miss out on simple opportunities by only focusing on social media…


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