How to motivate your team to sell

By May 1, 2019May 3rd, 2019Sales Mastery

Why do so many of us feel icky when we think of sales? We all want to make more money and work with more clients, right? But for some reason, we (sometimes) have a mental block that’s holding us back. So, how do you get past this, and more importantly, also motivate your team to sell, as well?


Try these 5 simple tips to change the way you and your team approach sales in your business and motivate them to sell.

how to motivate your team to sell

Reframe the word “sales”

So many people seem to think sales is icky, sleazy, aggressive and pushy. All the things we want to avoid. But that’s sales done badly.

Sales should actually be about solving other people’s problems. How can your service or product make someone’s life better?

If you’re a wedding photographer, you help people remember one of the most important days of their lives and make sure that they’re in safe hands on the day.

If you are a social media marketing manager, you help your clients minimize stress, increase brand awareness of their business and help them boost sales.

Whatever you provide as your product or service, this has value. Those who are successful at sales realize that it’s all about solving your client’s greatest problems and bringing them value in their lives.

Don’t forget to listen to THIS episode of The Simplifiers Podcast featuring Kendrick Shope for expert tips and pointers on selling with authenticity.

Build trust within your team

Bring your team into your goal setting process. Ask them to share their insights on what the quarterly financial goals should be. Not only is it likely that you’ll gain valuable knowledge to inform you goal setting, but this way your team will take ownership of your goals and sales strategy. This is how to truly motivate your team to sell.

It will be something they feel connected, engaged and more invested in the end result.

Mentor your staff

Investing in your business means investing in your team. Make sure all members of your team (regardless of if they are an employee, a virtual assistant or otherwise) have the training, tools and confidence they need to play a part in your sales strategy.

Even if their job description doesn’t explicitly include sales, it’s still an integral part of their job as customer service and client relations is 100% sales, too.

Read “To Sell is Human” by Daniel H. Pink to learn more about this.

Offer incentives

Don’t worry, we don’t mean you have to offer huge financial bonuses like major corporations do!

Ask your team what gets them excited, whether its a spa day or a gift card to their favorite restaurant or a fun group activity.

Take a note from John Ruhlin (who was featured in THIS episode on our podcast) and offer to pay to clean their houses twice monthly if they hit this quarter’s financial goal.

Make sure you tailor the incentive and it’s something that team members will genuinely appreciated and be motivated by. That means no boring or awkward team away days, rubbish company branded coozies or forced fun!

Set clear goals and monitor them

If you don’t have clear goals, your team won’t know what you’re aiming for and there will be a lack of focus. If you don’t monitor how or even if these goals are being met, there’s a good chance people will forget about them and you won’t achieve what you hoped for.

Set clear weekly and monthly goals and make sure your entire team knows what they are. How do you measure success?

Track how things are going and make sure everyone checks in on a regular basis. If things don’t seem to be working, this gives you the chance to course correct quickly.

Start putting these tips into practice and let us know how they impact sales in your business!

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