How to Build a Six-Figure Business With Only 1000 Subscribers

By May 16, 2018Sales Mastery

If you listened to this week’s podcast episode, I’m sure you’re buzzing with ideas on how to build an email list and grow your business. I know I was when talking to list-building expert, Jenny Shih. We mentioned her free webinar, all about how to build a six-figure business with only 1000 subscribers and so, I thought I’d devote a whole blog post all about it.


Free Webinar – How to Build a Six-Figure Business With Only 1000 Subscribers


Join Jenny Shih as she walks you through exactly how to get a steady flow of ready-to-buy prospects—even if you’re starting at zero. You’ll discover…

  • The ridiculously simple formula for making six figures from only 1000 subscribers (and how you can use this approach in your own business)
  • How to get a steady flow of ready-to-buy prospects—without spending a single penny
  • How to grow your email list no matter how much (or little) time you have

Take a moment and imagine what it’ll feel like when your business starts to earn money in the six-figures region.

How would that make you feel?

What would that extra income help you to do? Give you more flexibility? Perhaps it’ll allow you to travel more? Make that next crucial hire to take things OFF your plate?

Can you see it, in your mind’s eye?

This is perfect for you if…

You’re ready to fill your client roster, sell out your events calendar or boost your sales but…

You feel completely lost when it comes to finding your prospects online and growing your email list.

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the marketing tactics you’re learning about and want someone to show you the right steps to take in the right order? Here’s your chance to discover the exact steps to take—and the exact order to take them in—so you can grow your email list reliably and consistently.

Join this live, step-by-step tutorial showing you exactly how to grow a six-figure business with a healthy, engaged email list of only 1000 subscribers—even if you’re just getting started. My friend and mentor Jenny Shih is hosting this totally free workshop on exactly how to create a six-figure business doing work you love.

Spots are limited, so you must register to join us.

Free Webinar – How to Build a Six-Figure Business With Only 1000 Subscribers


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