What is Your Undeniable Superpower?

By December 19, 2018Sales Mastery

We are big fans of superheroes here at The Simplifiers. Because let’s face it… your clients expect you to be their undercover superhero while on the job.  So, let’s take a quick quiz to help you get clear on what you’re undeniable superpower is as a business owner and it’ll help you figure out where you’re going with your business next!


Ask yourself the following questions and keep reading to find out how they apply to your marketing.

What are you unequivocally known for by your past clients and by your current vendors and colleagues?

Are you super reliable? Have you got a phone full of key contacts your clients and competitors would kill for? Are you super creative when it comes to problem solving? Always 2 steps ahead?

Get specific and think about what it is you have to offer.

What do your friends think?

Reach out and ask some of your friends to share the 5 personality traits they think best describe you. You might be surprised and you might also find some words that help you when it comes to marketing yourself.

What’s one product or service that is what your brand is known for the MOST?

This means your most popular item, the top seller, the things that people want the most. This is where you are likely to have been channelling your super powers.

What is your kryptonite?

What’s the thing that drains your energy the most? The biggest weakness you have as a business owner?

Thinking positively is great but ignoring our problem areas means we’re holding ourselves back.

Identify these problems and then find a business coach, training, support or guidance to overcome it!

When you’re armed with this market research, you can begin to tell the story of yourself and your business in your marketing efforts with ease and authenticity.

Use the words and language in your answers to directly influence how you your write and market yourself. It will super boost your sales more than any Facebook ad campaign or re-brand on it’s own ever could. Here’s why:

Stand out from the crowd

Vague and generic marketing messages are weak. Why should I pay for your services or products over 100 people offering the exact same thing? No matter what industry you are in, you need to be able to show what makes you different.

Once you understand your strengths and superpowers and have a list of words to reflect them, you can start using them in your marketing.


Here’s an example for you. If you’re a photographer, sure you could promote yourself as someone who can shoot weddings, do corporate images, events, family portraits…

But being a jack of all trades is not a good look. Your clients want an expert so once you know what you’re good at and what your biggest sellers are, focus on these. New services or products should show a clear connection to what you’re known for or good at.

Get past the fear of alienating people – when you focus and specialise, you’ll get your ultimate ideal clients and MORE of them too!


When you use authentic language that truly reflects you, it becomes much easier to connect with potential clients or customers. It stops your website, flyers or social media posts from sounding like sleazy sales messages.

Instead, people start to view you as someone who is passionate and good at what they do. In business, people tend to be drawn to authentic people who show their personality and individuality. This is particularly true for those of us who are creatives so start showing who you really are.

Does your marketing reflect you and your superpowers?

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