5 essential self care tips for female entrepreneurs

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None of us wants to reach breaking point or burn out. Yet many of us fail to prioritise self care. So, here are a few positive steps you can take to make sure you are looking after yourself.

self care tips1 . Accept that self care is important and remove the guilt

Often, we thing about self care as “treating” ourselves. Instead, we should see it as an essential part of our lives AND our businesses.

To be creative, productive, make good decisions and run our businesses effectively, we need to be at our best. A non-stop hustle attitude leads to burn out – and none of us want to reach that breaking point.

If you don’t look after your mental and physical health, you’re not looking after your business.

So instead of feeling guilty when you take time for yourself, remember that you’re investing in yourself AND your business.


Listen to THIS episode of our podcast! It covers issues like burnout, self care, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, decision fatigue and even how to lose weight without changing your diet!

2. Schedule in massages

Some of us see these as luxuries – an expensive treat. I used to feel that way too. But think about it. Many of us are sat at desks, hunched over laptops a lot of the time.

And it’s not just about relieving stress and relaxing your muscles. A few months ago, I started getting REALLY bad headaches which is unusual for me and not a good state to be in when I need to get things done! Luckily, since I’ve started getting massages every so often, the headaches have completely stopped.

Massage can also help with insomnia and digestive disorders.

Another benefit is that having a massage really forces you to STOP. You can’t really do much else when you’re lying there – and it keeps you away from your phone!

3. Practice mindfulness – but in the way that works for you

You’ve probably heard that mindfulness is great for your mental health. But a lot of people assume that this means sitting somewhere quiet and meditating.

If this works for you – great! A few of The Simplifers team members use and recommend Headspace. It’s a great app with guided sessions for all levels of experience.

If meditation is not your thing, there’s all kinds of ways you can be mindful! Personally I love activities that grab all my focus. So, I do improvised comedy! It’s impossible to think about anything else when you’re on a stage trying to make things up!

Some people do mindful walking or coloring. What kind of relaxing activity works for you?

4. Talk to people and find your tribe!

This is particularly important for people who work alone for from home. We can find ourselves living in a bubble and isolation and loneliness can kick in. Sometimes without us even realising.

A co-working space or shared office might be the answer but even then, you still have to make the effort to initiate conversations.

Find local networking groups – you might have to attend a few different groups until you find the right tribe for you but persevere!

Meeting new people can be tiring but if you find the right group, conversations will leave you feeling energised, inspired and motivated.

5. Adjust your eating habits

I’ve recently noticed that my ability to concentrate drops massively after I eat. So, I’ve started eating a lot less during my working day and having bigger dinners and more (healthy) snacks later on.

I don’t recommend my method for everyone – but I do suggest you spend some time working out what’s best for your body and mind and adjusting to suit that.

  • Do you need regular snacks and meals to work at your best? Keep healthy snacks in your desk drawer.
  • Meal prep and take your lunch with you on days when you would otherwise risk not having the time to eat.
  • You might even consider signing up to a delivery service that sends you healthy lunches and dinners. Yes, it’s another expense but if it’s right for your lifestyle, makes you more efficient AND means you’re on top of your game mentally and physically, it becomes a clever investment.

If you have a choice between rushed and unhealthy meals or something which will nourish and energise you – which are you going to choose? Which will make you more productive and happy?

It all goes back to the first point. Self care is a strategy and an investment in your life and your business.

Oh, and if you think we’ve forgotten about sleep – don’t worry! Read our 7 effective tips to help you get more sleep!

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