Cocktail Friday :: Nectarine Vodka Chiller

Nectarine Vodka Chiller

The star of this weeks signature cocktail, the Nectarine Vodka Chiller, is one of August’s seasonal fruits and a personal favorite. During these hot summer months we all need something to help us chill out, and what can do that better than some tasty nectarine and vodka chilled to perfection? You are correct, nothing! So take that mason jar you keep meaning to do a craft with, make yourself a drink, and chill! 

nectarine vodka chiller


  • -Mason Jar
  • -3/4 cup pulp of nectarine*
  • -1 shot vodka
  • -Ice
  • -Cold club soda
  • -Fruits (rasberries, strawberries, etc.) (optional)


*Take nectarine and blend in food processor until smooth.

Take 3/4 cup of pulp and put in mason jar. Add one shot vodka into mason jar (regular or fruity flavor!). Fill the mason jar about 3/4 the way up with ice. Top it off with cold club soda. Add fruit as desired. Put the top back on and shake, shake, shake it up until blended!

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Source: Iowa Girl Eats

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