Cocktail Friday :: Vanilla Dark and Stormy

By November 9, 2012Signature Cocktail Ideas

Vanilla Dark and Stormy

The Vanilla Dark and Stormy is a sweet twist on a classic cocktail that, according to origin stories, was coined by a visiting sailor at  Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. This wonderful fall signature cocktail idea for your upcoming event is sure to be a hit with any crowd. The Vanilla Dark and Stormy manages to perfectly mixes the rich caramel notes that dark rum has to offer, the spices and kick of ginger beer and the sweetness of vanilla extract.

We recently served a variation of this signature cocktail at a client wedding this season…it was the Groom’s drink of choice!

Vanilla Dark and Stormy

Ingredients and Instructions:

– For a bulk batch of Vanilla Dark and Stormy to share, combine 2 cups dark rum with 3 cups ginger beer (we suggest Barritt’s Ginger Beer…note, not ginger ale), the juice of 4 limes and a tiny splash of vanilla extract in a pitcher.

– Serve on the rocks with lime wedges.


Source: Food Network

Photo: Con Poulos

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