10 Reasons Why Business Owners are joining the #DoTheThing Challenge

By September 26, 2018#DoTheThing, Super Mentor Academy


Calling all business owners and solopreneurs who work in creative industries!

If you’re self-employed and want to finish 2018 strong, you’ve only got three months to get a plan together and take action.

The clock is ticking – what’s your strategy?

I’ve put together a FREE 5-day online challenge where we will laser-focus on helping you: 

  • hit your 2018 sales goals, 
  • recalibrate your compass,  
  • guide you through the simple steps you need to take to get your business back on track, and 
  • help you finish 2018 STRONG!

It’s time to SIMPLIFY!

If you’re curious if signing up to my FREE #DoTheThing 5-day challenge is the right step for you, take a quick look at the points below.

This online mini-mastermind begins on Monday, October 1st, 2018 – CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP – don’t miss out!


Check out the video below to find out more about the #DoTheThing 5-day challenge.

Scroll down to find out why business owners are signing up!

10 Reasons Why Business Owners like you are joining the #DoTheThing Challenge:

1. It gives you the chance to take back control and finish 2018 STRONG

How many of your business goals for 2018 have you achieved so far? If your business isn’t where you want it to be, it’s not too late! But you need to move fast and have a plan ready to implement if you want to end your year on a high! This challenge will get you confident and clear on the strategy you need to attract the right clients and make more sales.

2. It’s an essential investment Business Owners need to make in their business… and it’s FREE!

Let’s face it… there might be a few areas in running your business that you haven’t mastered yet. And if you feel like you cringe when it comes to sales or maybe you’re struggling to juggle all your to-do’s, this challenge is for you. It’s an investment of time (just 45-minutes per day) and a willingness to try something different to work smarter, not harder. The #DoTheThing challenge gives you FREE access to a program worth $997.00 USD (£750.00 GBP) No credit card details needed, no strings attached.

3. You get everything you need in one place, in a simple step-by-step structure

What does an investment in educating yourself actually involve? Well you could do it by spending hours upon hours searching through websites, books, blogs, podcasts, TED talks, workshops and attempting to figure it all out, all on your own.

But where do you start? How do you know what’s useful and relevant and what’s not? Who can you trust to give you specific information and skills that you can apply to your creative business? The #DoTheThing challenge has done this hard work for you. Gain the essential information you need in a step-by-step 5-day mini-mastermind where if you put in the 45-minutes a day of work, you’ll be well on your way towards simplifying your work flow and attaining your sales goals!

4. The structure motivates you and keeps you on track

Worried about committing to the challenge or becoming overwhelmed? In just 45-minutes a day for five days, you’ll learn The Simplifiers’ secrets to master sales, set goals that stick and create a game plan for your business to follow to end your year strong. I’ll show you how to take action and #DoTheThing.

This 5-day structure gives you a schedule to follow and a wider community working with you. Business owners and solopreneurs just like you, from all over the world who want to achieve greatness and make a positive impact on the world through their work. So trust me here…You’ll find it much harder to procrastinate because we all will be cheering you on! We are better together, alone serves no one.  Community is the ultimate superhero secret to getting things done, staying motivated and achieving success.


5. Learn the essential business and sales skills so many creative Business Owners don’t have

This is not a generic online challenge. The #DoTheThing challenge has been designed specifically for business owners who work in creative industries. These are the kinds of people who are talented and passionate about what they do (just like you!) but often struggle when it comes to the sales side of their businesses.

So, whether you’re a photographer, a graphic designer, an event planner business coach or marketing manager, you need the business skills and methods that lead to sales.  I’ll break it all down in a simple, simple way so you can take action today.

6. I’ll teach you how to book better clients and make more money

Find out why growing your business and building your sales skills isn’t just about booking more clients. It’s about booking BETTER clients. You’ll find out why and how to identify your Ultimate Ideal Client and what you need to do to make sure your business is targeting them.

7. You will save time

Yes, you will need to spend time on the challenge, but it won’t be hours and hours of work a day.  Only 45-minutes per day for five days. In the long run, you’ll save time using the skills, methods and information you’ve learned during the #DoTheThing Challenge.

You’ll gain insider knowledge that I’ve learned in over 15 years in business and that I share with my coaching clients. Most businesses take years to learn these skills and methods and how to apply them– many may never learn them at all!

Friends, it’s not about doing MORE. It’s about doing the right tasks that yield the highest results.

8. You learn how to shift your money mindset like a superhero

If you listen to The Simplifiers Podcast, you’ll have heard me and many experts from around the world talk about the importance of mindset. We’ll help you take a simple assessment to see if your money mindset is holding you back and losing you opportunities.  This is critically important and might be the key you’re missing right now.


9. Your stress levels will be reduced

As a Business Owner, we have one of the most stressful jobs in the world. If you don’t learn how to look after yourself, ultimately, your business will suffer.

The #DoTheThing challenge not only shows you how to master the art of sales, but you’ll also learn practical tips that will help you set yourself up for success by not burning yourself out.  We’re in the long game, my friends, with our lifestyle businesses. I’ll show you how to get back to thriving!

10. You get personal support from me

This isn’t one of those challenges where you sign up and you just get pre-recorded videos or a bunch of PDFs. There are live masterclasses (via Facebook Live) and Q&A’s. I’m there for you every step of the way!

I’ll also be available to answer your questions in the private Facebook group for the challenge, give personal feedback and there will even be a chance to have a 1-1 private coaching session with me. Given my 1-1 private coaching rates are currently at $500/hour, this is an incredible opportunity to gain direct access to me as your business coach for 5 days!

Sign up today… and I’ll see you on the inside.





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