3 email tips to improve time management for event planners

Email. It’s all pretty straightforward right? Since I joined The Simplifiers, I learned a few hacks that have made my life so much easier! Check out these 3 tips to boost time management for event planners.


1. Scheduleonce

You would not believe how much time this online tool has saved us! Organizing a meeting or a call shouldn’t be difficult! However, due to busy schedules, it can result in days of back and forth emails trying to just schedule one call. Huge time waster!

Scheduleonce integrates with your Google Calendar and creates a private booking page. It allows you to simply send people a link to see which slots you have available and book a time that suits you both. No one else gets to see what you’ve got booked in your calendar – just the time slots you have decided to make available.

2. Become an email Ninja

Email ninja tricks are so obvious once you know about them but unbelievably effective. I learned these tricks from The Simplifiers’ CEO – Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP.

When emailing, Mary always:

  • politely states a deadline in her emails when she needs someone to respond (and gives a specific time/date)
  • stays on topic, keeping the text clear and direct…zero rambling on.
  • uses bullet points to relay info over
  • puts key questions and deadlines in bold

All of this makes replying much, much easier because you can see exactly what is needed and when. Basically, it makes your requests easy to reply to and too obvious to ignore. We’ve had good feedback from vendors, clients and interns who all notice how easy it is to deal with and respond to our emails.

3. Move email conversations to Slack

As a team, The Simplifiers noticed that we were sending a lot of emails back and forth to discuss tasks, ideas, and making plans. It was filling up our inboxes and making it difficult to follow conversation.

We decided to use Slack. It brings all your team’s communication together, giving everyone a shared workspace where conversations are organized and accessible builds a searchable archive of your team’s conversations, decisions, and work.

You can create separate conversations for different topics or projects as well as message individuals directly. It might take a little bit of time to get used to but it’s worth it for the time you’ll save!

Hopefully these email tips to improve time management for event planners will help save you become more efficient and productive. To make sure you hear about the methods and tools The Simplifiers use, make sure you sign up for our Super Insiders mailing list!

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