3 secrets to New Year’s resolution success

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Early January, motivation tends to be pretty high. But fast forward a few weeks (or if we’re lucky – a few months) and many of us have forgotten about our New Year’s resolutions. So what’s the difference between those of us who achieve resolution success and those of us who just give up until next January?


Check out these 3 tips and secrets to help you achieve New Year’s resolution success in 2018.


Understand your motivation and connect to future you

Why have you chosen this resolution? Everyone seems to go on a diet in January… but WHY?

Really think about the specifics. Is it because you want to look amazing in your swimsuit? Want more energy and glowing skin? Maybe you want to feel good when you pull on your jeans instead of flustered after wrestling them on. (or is that last one just me…?)

Whatever your resolution is, focus on the specific benefits you will get if you succeed instead of what’s making it feel difficult in the moment. Take a moment to visualize you and your life when you have achieved your goal – how will you feel? What will your life look like?


Check out THIS easy but effective way to change your mindset and boost motivation.

Make it real

Don’t just keep your resolutions in your head – commit to them! That might mean writing it down, creating a vision board, posting a Facebook status or starting a blog to document your journey.

If you only commit to a resolution in your head, it becomes much easier to let things slide and give up. If you have written or visual reminders you will be more resilient when things feel tough.

Tell someone. The strongest motivation is going to come from the support you get from other people. That might mean your friends or family or it could be a trainer, mentor or coach. You might want to look into communities or groups of people that have similar goals.

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Set future you up for success

Figure out what it is you need to do to make it easier for your future self later on today or tomorrow.

For example, if you’re trying to eat healthier, do meal prep and take a healthy lunch to work. You’re making a great choice in advance while you’re feeling motivated. Don’t risk it and leave it until lunch time when the carb cravings hit and the food trucks are calling to you.

Want to work out in the mornings? Have your workout clothes set out and ready to go. You’ll take away one of the steps that might trip you up at 6am. Some people even sleep in their gym clothes!

There are lots of different things you can do to set yourself up for success in advance, including allocating time in your Google Calendar and making regular appointments to work on your resolution.

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