5 concerns event professionals have about joining the Super Mentor Academy

By January 23, 2018Super Mentor Academy

I’ve noticed a pattern in the questions I get from event professionals before they decide to sign up to the Super Mentor Academy. So, I thought I’d address them here and save you all a few emails!



“I’ve been in the events industry for years – can you really teach me something new?”

Let’s be clear, I’m not going to be teaching you how to be an event planner, about décor or planning timelines. If you don’t know about those things, this isn’t the program for you!

As a bonus for those of you who sign up to the full program, we do give you the actual event planning documents used by The Simplifiers.


The Super Mentor Academy has been designed for event professionals who know how to produce flawless events. However, they need further education on how to run the business side of things.

Most event professionals didn’t go to business school. Like you, I had to learn about marketing, operations, cash flow, hiring a team and all the other elements of running a business as I went along. And Lord knows, it took TIME!

Having mentored hundreds of business owners so far, I hear this over and over again – running your own events business takes hard work and years and years of building up those skills as a leader.

How many years do you want to spend reading business books trying to figure it out for yourself?

What if there was a fast track? Which leads me to the next concern…

“I don’t have enough time.”

You work in the events industry – there’s never enough time! But somehow, we find it when we really need it. You’re a business owner – your job is to run your business effectively. If you can’t find a couple of hours a week to work ON your business, something is going wrong.

It’s all about prioritizing. If a vendor falls through at the last minute, you’re going to make 100 calls to fix the problem because it’s a priority.

2018 is the year you make your business a priority.

One of the 4 cornerstones of the Super Mentor Academy is Getting Things Done. You become laser focused and learn how to master productivity. I teach you how to leverage the right systems and people in order to multiply time and thrive.

By investing in this program, you GAIN time.

It’s all about knowing what to focus on and how to gain the greatest results.

“I can’t afford it.”

There have been some members of the Academy who have shared their concerns with me about whether they can afford to join us. When we got to the bottom of it, it turned out that it was more about their money mindset than the actual cost.

It can be scary to invest money into your business knowing you need to put in the work to get the return. The fear is “what if I can’t do it?”

The more important question is, “what if you don’t try?”

Without investing in yourself and your business, how will things get better?

#BOOM…drop the mic. Case closed.

“It’s not the right time for my business.”

It’s rare to find a member of the Academy who signs up and says it’s perfect timing. If you’re waiting for perfect timing for anything in life, you’ll probably be waiting forever.

The risk of waiting is that you spend another year either stuck on the hamster wheel or progressing so slowly that you get stressed and frustrated. Burnout is imminent.

It’s the RIGHT time if you are ready to commit and invest in taking your events business to the next level.

If everything was perfect in your business and you had all the time and money in the world, you probably wouldn’t need anyone’s help!

“I’m worried about sharing my struggles with other event professionals.”

This is something a few members have asked me about. When you join the Super Mentor Academy, you get access to our private online Facebook group and weekly group coaching calls.

The group is friendly and collaborative – everyone is there for the same reason. They’re event professionals who want to improve their business skills and knowledge.

You are never put under pressure to share anything you don’t want to but members often ask the group for advice and opinions. You might even find that someone refers a new client to you because (actually) they’re better suited for you!

Are you an event professional? Do you want to take your business to the next level in 2018? 

Join our CEO – Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP in the Super Mentor Academy!

The deadline to join us is 11:59pm, this Wednesday, January 24th, 2018!

The Super Mentor Academy is an 8-week mastermind for event professionals that will help you with these 4 cornerstones:

  • Gain Clarity – Know who you are, what skills you offer and market to your super strengths. Identify what your brand provides and how it’s different. Know your Ultimate Ideal Client, where they can be found and how to be irresistible to them.
  • Get Your Money Right – Simplify your pricing structure, produce a cash flow forecast as your roadmap and set financial goals you can achieve. How to pitch, manage leads, ask for the sale and make more money.
  • Get Things Done – Get focused and master productivity. Leverage the right systems & people in order to multiply time and thrive.
  • Keep It Going – Looking after yourself and ensuring sustainability is a crucial cornerstone of running a successful events business. Learn how to achieve work/life harmony.

…and so much more.

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