How to deal with a horrible boss

You’re still working for the (wo)man and it sucks. Royally. You can either keep day-dreaming about handing in your resignation, boring your loved ones with your constant complaining about your boss… OR you can do something about it.  We’ve all had to deal with a horrible boss at one point or another but some of us have succeeded in changing the situation. Here’s how.

Get clear on what’s broken.

Figure out exactly why this work situation is turning toxic. What would make it better? When we’re stressed, upset or angry, it can be difficult to think clearly and constructively. It might be a personality clash, a difference in communication styles or mismatched expectations.

And yes, occasionally it’s just because your boss is a B%T&H.

But let’s see if the problem is something we can deal with constructively first…

Journal it out and then come up with a few clear proposed solutions before you speak up. Show up with solutions not problems! This makes it seem less like an attack and instead is you showing up with practical ways for the company to get the best out of you.

Ask for an intervention.

Is there anyone else in the company you can talk to? Try to get 1-1 time with a supervisor or someone in HR if necessary. Dealing with situations like this is part of their job. Ask for help and share your ideas on how to fix the problem.

Be proactive.

Ask for what you need. You can’t expect other people to fix things for you. If you’re lucky, your HR department will make a plan but assume this will happen or be passive in the process if it does.

I assume you want to see actual change and not just complain, right?

That means action items need to be set and specific people should be assigned to these tasks.  Before you leave the room, schedule a follow-up meeting to see what has improved.

If all else fails, create an exit strategy.

If trying to make positive changes don’t work, you need an exit plan.

That might mean finding a new job, going travelling or setting up your own business. No seeking revenge on your boss though. Let’s save those Game of Thrones style fantasies for the occasional day-dream if we really need to.

Ask yourself…

  • How much money do you need to save?
  • When would it be best to leave?
  • Who could replace you on certain tasks and projects?

Make a Super Action Plan and take daily action towards making it happen. You’re not trapped. It’s a matter of problem solving and finding new opportunities.

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