How event professionals are changing to make more sales in 2018

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How do you feel about the word “sales”? Like a lot of people it might scare you or make you feel uncomfortable. You don’t hear many event professionals saying that sales is one of the favorite parts of their job.

However, the kicker is… we all want to make more sales.

So, what’s the secret?

more sales


1: More problem solving = making more sales

The secret is to change your mindset on how you think about selling. It’s not icky or sleazy or sneaky.

The better way to think about it is to think about selling instead as problem solving. And problem solving is something we do every day in the events industry.

You are not trying to convince a potential client to buy your services.

Instead, you are identifying a problem they have and showing them how YOU can help them solve it.

There are some problems that all experienced event professionals will solve (if they’re doing their job right!) For example, saving a client time, reducing stress and making the planning process easier.

However, to make more sales, you need to go deeper.


2: Your Ultimate Ideal Client

We talk a lot about UICs with our clients inside the Super Mentor Academy. UIC = Ultimate Ideal Client… that one particular person that you would LOVE to work with over and over again as clients. That one particular person whom if you could clone them and ONLY work with them, you totally would.

The next secret is… you MUST know what his or her specific problems and pain points are.

Like crystal clear.  And then, position yourself as the expert and guide that can alleviate their pain.

Not sure who your Ultimate Ideal Client is? Don’t think you need to narrow it down? Read more about this HERE!

Does your potential client want a high-end luxury wedding? Maybe they’re looking for a planner with up to date knowledge on the latest trends and access to the very best vendors. A bride on a budget is going to want a planner that can advise and help them spend wisely, by making the most of their budget.

This also applies to social and corporate events.

Your website and social media accounts should reflect your Ultimate Ideal Client and the specific problems you can solve. You might worry that being specific and targeting might lose you sales – it’s actually more likely to attract more clients – better clients!

Repel the ones who will never buy…attract the ones who will fall in love with you.

We’ve spoken about this marketing secret before – check out the post HERE.

3: Get even more specific and stand out from the competition

You can go even deeper in your first sales meeting with a potential client. This is your chance to listen to what their aims, goals and vision are. But you should also be listening out for concerns and problems they’re facing that you know you can help with.

Asking specific questions and listening intently is key.

A potential client might not tell you these problems without prompting but if you ask and respond by showing them how you would solve them, you will stand out from the more generic (and less experienced) competition.

4: Take your events business to the next level

Have you been feeling stuck? Want to achieve bigger and better things? Better clients, new projects, a bigger team or maybe you just want to get off the hamster wheel and avoid burnout this year.

Chances are you’ve spent a big chunk of 2017 (or longer!) thinking about how to fix at least one of these problems.

We’ve got a solution for you…and it’s FREE!

The only way to achieve any of these is to invest in yourself and your business by setting clear goals and building the skills and knowledge you need to achieve them.

Sounds scary right?

Luckily, this is when The Simplifiers come to the rescue! Our CEO – Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP has developed a FREE 5 day online challenge for business owners in the events industry, kicking off on Monday, Jan 8th.

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