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By January 2, 2018Super Mentor Academy

Here’s the story of how I built an event planning business as an entrepreneur…from sitting in my PJs at my home office to working with major clients like: Facebook, Google, Microsoft and more.

And why I’m now offering #eventprofs like you the chance to join my #DoTheThing Challenge for free…en


I started The Simplifiers in Texas back in 2003, realizing I no longer wanted to work for anyone else but myself.

I wanted the freedom to set my own hours, manifest my own reality, live the dream and make things happen. Little did I know (at the time) how much STINKIN’ time and effort that took!

I literally started pounding the pavement…first building my client base by (no joke) going door-to-door and introducing myself to my neighbors, asking if they needed help planning private events.

Each and every event propelled me forward, I gave it my all, 110% and no less.

I worked my way up to the top, gaining referrals, building a reputation and later, joining the professional association, ILEA – the International Live Events Association.

entrepreneurBy year 3, I was making things happen.

But, I also realized that as my business grew, my bottom-line grew. And if I didn’t build on my knowledge of the operations side of my business (cash flow, bookkeeping, sales/marketing, hiring/firing), I was going to be in BIG, big trouble.

I needed to get my house in order, figure out how to master sales and manage my money, QUICK.

I kept plodding along. Gaining more and more clients…so many so, I had to bring on a team of interns and later, an events staff.

Things were getting REAL, really fast.

I knew I needed help, so I reached out to a mentor.

He coached me through all the things I felt incredibly stupid to ask. He was someone who was 5 years ahead of me, who could take me under their wing and give me insider advice.

I learned, I grew… I felt empowered. No longer did I feel like I was “fakin’ it until I made it.” I had arrived!

And now, I want to be that mentor for you.

Flash forward to 2018 and I’m on a mission to help other event planners and small business owners:

  • Streamline the operations side of your business
  • Master the art of selling with soul – so you book BETTER clients
  • Genuinely take better care of yourselves – event planning is the 5th most stressful job on the planet…avoid meltdown and burnout, my friends!
  • STOP the glorification of busy – Because busy don’t pay the bills…Learn insider tips on how to be laser-focused while at work and become super productive
  • Improve your planning tools, templates and systems/processes
  • Become a better digital storyteller to generate more leads
  • Simplify your life as an entrepreneur – learn how to let go, delegate and expand


entrepreneurI’m living the dream now.

In the last few years, I moved my business overseas and get to work with clients all over the world. Now, I get to coach UK brands on how to produce memorable non-traditional events. I get to be a mentor to others in the events industry and watch them SHINE and grow! I get to speak at industry conferences and visit amazing destinations.

Now I have the freedom to live a life abroad that compliments my passion, my family needs and still play an active role in the events industry.

I’ve helped mentor clients to create their own thriving event planning firms and step into the lives they want to lead.

Create the life they love. (how cool is that!!?!)

And so, through the Super Mentor Academy, I wanted to give back to the industry that’s helped me get to where I am today.

And well, we all know #eventprofs love a good CHALLENGE…

So, I’ve created the #DoTheThing challenge!

It’s a FREE 5-day mini-mastermind for event planners and small business owners to kickoff the New Year right.
Finally, it’s time to make big, LASTING changes in your business that’ll yield great results. It’s time to get a game plan that will set you up for success. It’s time to sort out your finances, yo.

Master the art of sales, gain clarity on your business goals for 2018 and make a plan to TAKE ACTION.

And it’s all free…yeah, I know. Crazy.
(valued at $997 USD)

Here’s what’s included in this 5-day mini-mastermind:

  • Renewed clarity – Learn how to set business goals that align with where you want to be and how you want to feel in the new year.
  • Regenerated confidence – I’ll teach you how to discover and shift your money mindset…let’s make you some MONEY!
  • Step-by-step sales training – Learn how to nail the in-person sales meeting and better serve your clients.


This challenge is only for action-takers, people who’ve got an existing event planning business already in place and are willing to try new, simple tasks to create a game plan for the year ahead.

  • Learn how to nail the in-person sales meeting with my step-by-step approach to selling from the soul.
  • Shift your money mindset – get in the right space to make MORE
  • Get your heart and your head aligned with where you’d like to take your business next
  • Gain accountability from a global network of #eventprofs
  • Gain a mentor who will guide and challenge you to grow (hey, that’s me!)

My promise to you is that you will finish the 5 days feeling empowered, in control and like an undercover superhero who now has a clear plan of attack for the year ahead.

We begin on Monday, January 8th.

So if you want in, register HERE and I’ll get in touch with you.

I can’t wait to get started with this 5-day challenge…what if this changes EVERYTHING in your business and in your life? This teeny tiny decision to be part of something big, big, BIG.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside. And thrilled to help you become an undercover superhero in the events industry.

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