The powerful networking tip used by successful #eventprofs

How do you feel about networking events? Love them? Hate them? Either way, we guarantee if you use this networking tip, you’ll see your network grow. PLUS your reputation will get a boost and you’ll be helping other people.

networking tip


Play the super connectors networking game

It’s simple. Whenever any of The Simplifiers team attends a networking or industry event, we challenge ourselves to connect as many people as possible to each other.

Yes, we want to meet potential clients and vendors. BUT we really don’t want to be those pushy, sales people who desperately trying to get as many business cards as possible and making other people feel uncomfortable.

We take the pressure off ourselves and other people by trying to find ways to help the people we meet.

Maybe you know someone at a company that has been complaining about the carb heavy and unhealthy buffets. Is a heavy lunch putting their team to sleep during training or meeting days? Introduce them to an affordable caterer who can offer tasty, filling and healthy food and they will LOVE you!

OR… there’s a potential client who doesn’t fit into your ideal client criteria. Introduce them to an event planner who you know would love to work with them and both sides will thank you!

The client will understand you’re not right for each other but by explaining why and pointing them in the right direction, you’ll be able to do a mini (authentic) sales pitch which will stick with the client should they know someone who would be perfect for you! Plus, the event planner you recommended is more likely to return the favor one day!

Why do we play this game?

  • It takes the pressure off everyone. We don’t feel like we need to make a forced sales pitch. Plus, others don’t feel like we’re only after their money. We’re showing interest in others and trying to be helpful – talking about what we do comes out naturally in the conversation.


  • We’re building relationships. This is what networking is really about. We never know how we might work with these people in the future or who they might put us in touch with.


  • We’re establishing ourselves as people who are well connected. Basically, it makes us look good!

Take it to the next level

Take business cards and send introductory emails. This reinforces you as the person who made the connection and helped the two people out. It also gives you an opportunity to start conversations with them that are more than a sales pitch.

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