The essential marketing strategy for your event planning business

The marketing strategy for your event planning business is one of the things that separates the event professionals from the amateurs. However, without a qualification or background in marketing, many event and wedding planners panic. They think that they need to appeal to EVERYONE but this is one of the worst marketing decisions you can make!


Want to update your marketing strategy? Check out this tip – it might scare you at first!

Go take a look at the websites of event and wedding planners you admire. You might not realise it but they’re not just trying to attract clients, they’re also trying to repel some of them. Yeah it sounds kind of crazy but hear us out and read to the end to find out why this approach makes good business sense…marketing strategy for your event planning business

Sometimes in business we feel like we should be chasing every possible sale. The more sales the better right?


If you’re trying to sell to people who aren’t your ideal clients, you’re risking losing the ones who are.

You can’t be all things to all people.

If you try, your message will just sound generic and clients will struggle to feel a genuine connection to you. This is especially true for those of you who are wedding planners. We all know that choosing a planner tends to be an emotional decision for brides.

Think about it, if you specialize in luxury, high end, traditional weddings, you might not be the best person to plan a budget wedding for a goth bride or vice versa!

You know that saying – “Jack of all trades, Master of none”?

Focus on your specific expertise.

Focus on your unique selling points and emphazise where your skills lie and what kind of events and clients you work best with.This way you can focus your marketing and energy on finding these ideal clients.

Trying to market to lots of different types of clients is more likely to lose you sales than gain them.

Clients want to be able to go to your website and see if you right for them straightaway.

You can also use your website and marketing materials to filter out the kind of clients that you don’t want. That way you save you (and them!) the time and energy that would have been spent on pointless emails, phone calls and sales meetings.

Make sure your brand, image and online presence is speaking to those ideal clients.

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Don’t be afraid of putting off potential clients who don’t fit into your ideal criteria.

Filter out unsuitable clients

Why waste time taking sales calls or meeting with clients who you don’t really want to work with?

Isn’t there something much better you could be doing with your time? At the very least it will give you more time to focus on marketing and finding those clients you REALLY want.

So, work on attracting the clients you do want, filtering out the ones you don’t and see how this approach to sales changes your business for the better.

The marketing strategy for your event planning business should revolve around your unique selling points. You might think you’re playing it safe by being generic but it’s a risky move.



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