How to take a vacation when you’re self-employed

By August 8, 2019August 9th, 2019Super Mentor Academy

No matter if you’re self-employed, a freelancer or a business owner, you’re also human and you need to take a vacation. But how do you step away from things and still keep the business moving forward?

So, how do you take a vacation when you’re self-employed? It’s usually easier said than done. For many of us, that might mean still checking and replying to emails, keeping social media ticking over and working on projects while away from our desks.

When you’re the one ultimately responsible for a business, it’s hard to switch off.


But it is possible to take a REAL vacation when you’re self-employed. Here are our 3 tips to make it work.

How to take a vacation when you're self-employed

1. Give everyone notice well ahead of time.

The more advance notice your clients, team, and anyone else you work with has, the easier it will be to step away from the laptop when vacation time rolls around.

How will your vacation affect them and their current projects? Will any deadlines change? Ask yourself: what do you need from them and what do they need from you?

How to take a vacation when you're self-employed2. Figure out who is holding down the fort and how.

If you have team members, virtual assistants, or other people you work with, you need to make sure everyone knows what they are responsible for while you’re away.

What is the chain of command you’ve got in place? And who makes important decisions in your absence?

Make sure people have the full info that they need in order to get things done and hopefully, that’ll ensure that they won’t need to contact you while you’re away.

If your team is just you, you might find social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite or Planoly can help to keep your social media going. Don’t be afraid to make good use of them so you can truly switch off.

3. Make a communications plan.

If you want to detach (and I mean, truly detach) you can’t be wishy-washy. You need to make a plan and set boundaries – for yourself as well as with your clients and your team!

If you’ve communicated to your clients and your team your away days, then you need to be AWAY!

You can even mention that you’re taking a social media sabbatical away from all of your channels – it is allowed! Our CEO Mary did just that for the month of July on The Simplifiers Instagram and all other social media feeds.

Set an out of office email auto message and switch off all notifications. Tell your team or clients how to contact you in an emergency, but make sure it’s for emergencies ONLY! Setting clear boundaries and sticking to them makes you look professional and creates more respectful, working relationships.

How to take a vacation when you're self-employedRemember…

  • Don’t respond to work emails (tell clients to email others on your team)
  • Don’t continue to work on tasks (unplug and give your brain breathing room)
  • Despite temptation – don’t meddle!

Downtime is healthy for you… don’t forget, you aren’t always meant to #dothething, all the time! Even superheroes need a break here and there, as well.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to take a vacation when you’re self-employed and truly switch off!

Enjoy your vacation and send us pictures of where you went!

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