5 things your new intern wishes you knew

By September 26, 2016October 4th, 2017an intern's POV, Super Mentor Academy

We asked one of our interns to share their point of view and share what they think and feel when starting with a new company. This is what they said….


So, it’s time to welcome your new interns.

Think of them like daddy long-leg spiders – they’re more scared of you than you are of them, as the saying goes.

From my personal experience as an intern, I know first hand how scary starting a new internship can be.


Here are my top tips for welcoming your new intern…

  1. Slow down, share your process

Be very obvious in any correspondence before the start of the internship. This could be your newbie’s first time in a professional office environment – it was mine at The Simplifiers. Don’t be afraid to simplify things and share the WHY behind your company’s systems and processes.

They want to know everything they possibly can, down to the smallest detail – what to wear, what time to arrive, where to park, all of it is super useful information to start day one on the right foot.

It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for an intern!

  1. Give them the grand tour

There is NOTHING worse than a warm salad at lunchtime – show me where the refrigerator is!  Don’t assume I know where stuff is…take the time to show your interns around, where to store things, where they sit and even show them where the little boys/little girls room is!  (trust me, we appreciate this!)

  1. Over communication is the key!

Don’t be scared to break up tasks into bite size pieces for your new intern. While they’re getting used to things and the influx of new information, it really helps to over communicate – tell them EXACTLY what to do (at least for the first couple of days), it helped me a lot!

The end result is more confident and competent interns, who will be able to go off and do these tasks on their own in no time!

  1. What are their goals?

Think back to when you were in their shoes… Just starting out, trying to gain experience. It was hard, wasn’t it? Ask them what they want to achieve and help make sure that becomes a reality! The more you put into your intern, the more you’re going to get out of them.

  1. They want to be you!

(not in a creepy stalker way, don’t worry, you’re their workplace hero, and they want to be like you someday!)

You have their dream job (pause for a second, pat yourself on the back – you’re awesome).

They’re your intern because of what you do and what they can learn from you.

Remember that. Be positive, show them how passionate you are about your work and that passion will cross over into their work for you. Take them under your wing and empower them with the tasks you give them.  Then, set them free to shine!

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