What do #eventprofs say about Mary & the Super Mentor Academy?


If you read our post on 5 Qualities #eventprofs Should Look For in a Business Coach, you’ll know that there’s a lot more to it than someone with a jam packed CV and a load of awards.

(although they do help)

It’s about having a connection and finding someone who you can build a relationship with. Someone who matches your communication style and genuinely wants to support you.


events business coachI could write thousands of words to explain why I think you should join Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP and her Super Mentor Academy, but you might think I’m biased, so I decided to let some other people do the talking.

Keep reading to see what people who’ve been coached by Mary and taken part in the #9toSIMPLIFY challenge or the Super Mentor Academy have to say.

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Nice Things People Say

“So excited to learn from Mary to help us grow. She is motivational and inspirational, helping us carve out clear paths and strategies for out business.

  • Zoe Cornibert, Cheers Events London

“…I’m getting more out of it then I ever expected…  I added a second planner to do weddings on her own for me!! HUGE win!

I was filled with energy and motivation after the 9 day challenge. It got to the root of how and why I do things and I loved that!! When I signed on for the the Super Mentor Academy it was to carry that motivation on and turn it into real progress.”

  • Audrey Eichelberger, Timeless Beginnings

“[Mary] has given me tools to be a more focused entrepreneur…This was a great experience and I appreciated the time, effort and focus that Mary put into helping all of us…It is important to stay focused and accountable and the Super Mentor Academy is certainly helping me with that.”

  • Kimberly Beaune, Creative Twist Inc

“I was able to share [the journey] with my fellow colleagues and we are all going through this process together. When we each #WIN, we elevate our industry and set new standards for our profession.

I feel like I am creating a path for success.

  • Lisa Morales, Haute Weddings

“I’ve really needed a “cheerleader” for a long time – personally & professionally – and you cheer me on at my own speed!

I think the best part is that you’re giving me the permission to integrate my family and my biz into one area– me. Before the trainings I was trying so hard to keep them separate and this business isn’t a 9-5 that can be shut down just because my daughter gets off the schoolbus or my husband comes home late.

My wins have been simple, but impactful.”

  • Tina Humphrey, Diamonds & Dreams Event Planning

I am feeling inspired. I love hearing from a collaboration of the others who are participating as well as feeling the accountability from Mary.”

  • Angel Carter, Ready VIP

“I have changed my thinking into realizing that I CAN DO THIS! I just need to put in the time!

I haven’t done any real serious training since I left my corporate job, so this is actually pretty fun. And I’m the boss so I have a lot more at stake! I am surprised at how confident this is making me feel.

I’m empowered to make some changes that I know will make things even better for my staff, my clients and my bottom line. I’m thrilled & wanna keep this momentum going!”

  • Kelli Bielema, Shindig Events


“It made me approach sales differently and the reframing of the word ‘sales’. Thank you Mary – you have offered invaluable advice which I truly appreciate.”

  • Lynda Greuel, Hillcrest Events

I appreciate you as my mentor and coaching me to get this far in the industry.”

  • Lotoya Vongrechin, V Agency Events

    Sign up now! Hurry – the deadline to join us for the summer mastermind is 11:59pm on Wednesday, May 31st!

    Super Mentor AcademySee you on the inside.

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