What You Need To Quit Now

Yeah, you heard it right the first time. We’re telling you to quit.

Quitting is almost exclusively viewed as a negative action. (Okay, the only exception I could think of is smoking.) Meanwhile, teachers, families, personal trainers, peers, and a never ending Instagram feed of inspirational quotes tell us never to give up – to commit, see it through, keep going!

My question to you is – WHY? Simply to finish something you started? Or maybe you don’t want to admit to the people around you that you’ve quit?


If you are clinging to something in your life that doesn’t serve you, then it might be time to let it go.

Before you add anything new into your work life ask yourself, what do I need to quit to make space?

Whether it’s adding a new product or service to your company, taking chunks of time out of your schedule for new training – anything that is going to take time and effort from you, think about what you are able to leave behind.

You need to be able to make space for new projects and initiatives, otherwise you’ll be on the path to burnout or a jam packed schedule that leaves you exhausted and resenting your work.

So, how do you decide which tasks or projects to quit?

Ask yourself:

  • Does it bring me joy?
  • Does it bring me profit?
  • Does it help to push the needle forward in my business?

If it’s not doing any one of those things, it’s time to say no and get rid of it! In some cases, that task or project might bring you joy or profit but ultimately the payoff isn’t worth what you could get from something new. This is when you’ve got to step up, weigh up the pros and cons and make timely decisions.

Is it time to let go of an old identity which helped you get to where you are but now needs a brand refresh?

Do you need to take an audit of your weekly workflow and daily tasks and find where you can cut the fat? Maybe that project that you love but just isn’t getting off the ground and doesn’t fit with your business needs to go?

Think about what you could quit.

Would your life feel lighter once you let go of it?

Visualize what your life and business would look like without it. How would letting go make you feel?

Even if you don’t have something new you’re trying to add in, you might have something that you’ve been working on that leaves you feeling drained or that isn’t serving you or your business anymore. You might be clinging on because you’re afraid of what you’d have left if you quit – not because it’s what you really want or need.

If you’re struggling with your current offering, think about your Ultimate Ideal Client. Do they have a pain point that you could solve? Is there something that they would pay you any price to fix? That’s the direction you should be heading in.

The future may be unknown ahead, but trust me, sometimes quitting is the best decision you could make.

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