Where to find your next big idea

Whether you work in design or you’re more of a service-based entrepreneur, you know it takes a lot of creativity to find your next big idea on a regular basis.

In fact, your next big idea could be a new product or service that may even kickstart a new business. But it goes beyond that. It might be:

  • An innovative way to deliver your service
  • New ways to engage people on your social media channels
  • Overcoming a challenge at work that’s been bugging you and holding you back

The problem is where on earth do you find your next big idea?! We spend so much time keeping the hamster wheel turning that things can start to get a little… stale and stuck. Maybe it’s time to switch things up a bit?

Put aside a little time to think.

Easier said than done, but it’s an investment and essential part of growing your business. Get away from your inbox, your phone, and any other distractions. Do like Mary is doing this month and take a month-long social media sabbatical! Maybe the thing you really need right now is to dedicate a little time and attention in order to focus on your next big idea.

Where to find your next big idea - at the farmers marketChange your location.

Sitting in the same place (day in, day out) is not going to stimulate your brain. You need something different, something fresh. If that means heading off to Barbados to think on the beach – Great! But let’s be real… you can keep it simple (and cheap!)

In our podcast episode with Carrie Anton, she recommends getting outside of your box and outside of your workspace for your next brainstorm session. This could include heading to a local art gallery, the farmer’s market, a new coffeehouse you’ve wanted to try, a local park, or even taking a day trip to a nearby city.

What can you imagine you’ll find in each of those spaces that’ll activate your 5 senses and get your creative juices going?

Where to find your next big idea - through journallingGet things down on paper.

Stop trying to hold things all up in your head. You’re going to overload your mind and you’ll lose sight of the trees in the woods.  Sometimes I find it helpful to jot things down. Don’t underestimate the power of putting pen to paper and just letting the words flow. Just see what comes out – no need to try to be perfect or specific. You might surprise yourself!

What works for you?

Where to find your next big idea - talk to peopleConnect with people – talk!

This is especially true if you work by yourself a lot! We need to be intentional and build in some time to get away from our laptops for a little human interaction. If you have a team, find ways to actually sit, think and discuss together – don’t just ask people to come up with ideas on their own. It’s all about collaboration, making links, and building on each other’s thoughts. Even if it’s a Skype call, this could help shift any blocks you might be currently struggling with… and help you brainstorm new ideas.

Whether you’re a one (wo)man show or a big team, getting new perspectives is always useful. Find a local networking event or tap into nearby lectures or panel discussions at your local university. Speaking to people and connecting puts you in a positive mindset. Plus you might come up with ways to collaborate that you hadn’t thought of or they might recommend useful books, industry organizations or other contacts.

They might even come up with the idea for you!

Where to find your next big idea - expand your skillsetFeed your brain and expand your skillset.

Sometimes we just need to learn something new to help us find that next big idea. That might mean attending a one-off workshop or signing up to a short course. Or it could just be spending some time reading and researching at your local library.

And remember… it doesn’t have to be directly related to what you currently do. You want to stimulate your brain to make new connections and that often means thinking outside the box. You might find inspiration for a business idea through art history. Or how to work with a challenging team member at a group cooking class. Inspiration comes in the funniest of places!

In fact, there have been so many times that I’ve been in a workshop or session which has triggered an idea that isn’t obviously relevant to the content. It’s all about feeding your brain!

Where to find your next big ideaSo, where will your next big idea come from?

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