How Do I Determine Who Is My Ultimate Ideal Client?

By October 24, 2018October 26th, 2018Super Mentor Academy

Here’s a question:


Who are you selling to? Who are your customers?

For example, if you’re a wedding planner, you might say “engaged couples” or “brides to be.” If you’re a graphic designer, you might say “someone looking for a new logo or a flyer.”

Spotted the problem yet?

The answers are all super vague! What kind of bride to be are you targeting? One who wants high-end luxury or maybe someone who’s looking for a wild Game of Thrones themed wedding?

What kind of logos and flyers do you design? Are you more corporate and slick or quirky and cool?

If you haven’t got a very specific type of client in mind, you need to work out who your Ultimate Ideal Client is.

Being vague is losing you money

You can’t be all things to all people.

You know that saying – “Jack of all trades, master of none?” That’s the message you send out when you’re not specific. When we’re looking to hire someone, we all want to feel like we’re in the hands of an expert. Someone we can trust. Someone who really knows me, my style and my needs.

When we look at a website or speak to someone who seems to be trying to cater to EVERYONE, we struggle to trust them.

Be specific

You might be worried about alienating potential clients – and you will. But that’s the point! You want to filter out the clients who aren’t right to you while making it easy for your ideal client to find you!

You don’t want the clients who are nightmares or even those who just want something completely different to where your skill set and aspirations are. Not only will your motivation, happiness and general well being suffer, but you might find yourself working harder for less financial return.

Focus on the clients you want to work, who you are suited to and I promise, both you and your clients will have a better experience.

How do I define my Ultimate Ideal Client?

Your Ultimate Ideal Client (aka UIC) is basically that ONE person you love, love, LOVE to work with. The client experience you wish you could replicate over and over again.

And that doesn’t just mean in financial terms. The client who you have the best kind of relationship with in terms of communication, vision and aims.


This client also really, really, REALLY needs your products or services RIGHT NOW. And they will happily pay the price you’re worth.

This combination = your Ultimate Ideal Client.

Something you might not have thought about…

Your UIC might be someone EXACTLY like you… but you from three, five or ten years ago. You’ve learned things along your journey that could be super useful to someone who is behind you, in terms of experience. Is there a way that you can help solve their problems, challenges or frustrations through your business?

Could you provide coaching or training? Workbooks or PDF checklists? Networking events, a product that has all the equipment someone in your industry needs for specific events or projects? What do you wish you’d had?

How do I find my Ultimate Ideal Client?

Start by making sure your marketing is clear on who you want to attract. That includes your overall branding, website, social media, flyers and anything that mentions your business and what you do. Make sure you are speaking to your UIC, NOT trying to please everyone.

Get specific and talk about what makes you different to others in your industry. This will make your life easier because your UIC will be able to find YOU.

But you have to put yourself out there too. Where does your UIC hangout? Which online platforms and social media groups? What about in real life? Are there any particular events you could attend?

Think about ways you can collaborate or partner up with other businesses who have the same UIC but aren’t competitors. For example, you could write blog posts for websites, or approach a podcast and see if they are interested in featuring you. You could work with several complimentary brands and host an event. There are lots of different opportunities once you start to focus on finding your UIC.

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