How To Celebrate International Women’s Day

Have you decided how to celebrate International Women’s Day this year? If you haven’t thought about it yet or you want some more ideas, take a look at our suggestions below. There are lots of great opportunities for you and your business whether you want to do something big or keep it low key.

Take a look at a few ways you and your business can celebrate on March 8th.


Host An Event

Why not invite people to celebrate with you the way you want to? Not only is it a great way to bring people together, you get to showcase your female led business, too! You don’t have to aim for anything huge but why not think big and be remembered for throwing one of the best events in town?

That’s exactly what we did when we hosted an event to launch The Simplifier’s Podcast on International Women’s Day in 2018!

We invited local female business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to join us for a live podcast recording with the fantastic Amy Phipps of Women Who Create UK and the amazing Debbie Dooodah.

Throughout the evening, we raised money for a local women’s charity and we supported local femaleled businesses.

Our vendors were female-owned businesses including our caterers, Nutri-2-Go and fancy cupcake suppliers, Strawberry Cupcakes. We even hired a makeup artist (Caroline Kent) and photographer (Karina Lyburn whose photography features throughout our website!) so attendees could get professional headshots!

Oh, and did we mention the open bar and free chair massages from Hands on Health UK? You wouldn’t expect any less of Mary Baird-Wilcock – our CEO with a long history as an award-winning, international event planner.

Team Up With Other Businesses or Organisations

Depending on where you live, there might already be a lot of events happening on International Women’s Day that you want to attend. Plus you might not want the extra work load that comes with planning an event.

Instead, consider working with other female business owners or women led organisations. Perhaps you or your business can donate skills or collaborate to make their event even better? Or there might be opportunities to volunteer with a local women’s charity.

Start reaching out – you might be surprised at how many people are keen to work with you and at the very least you’ll be building your network in a really positive way which leads us to the next point…

Challenge Yourself To Meet Other Women Doing Exciting Things

International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to meet and connect with lots of new people. Spend sometime searching social media and websites to find out what’s happening locally. Pick the events that interest you the most and head out with the intention of building your tribe!

Whether it’s focused on business, the arts, charity, sports or any other area of life, these events tend to be super inclusive and friendly. Take the opportunity to meet people without having to go to a stuffy, awkward networking event! You never know who you might meet and what opportunities might arise…

For example, a couple of people from our team will be attending THIS special event in Nottingham, UK to celebrate female entrepreneurship hosted by Work. by Design.

Shout About What You’re Doing

This is a chance to celebrate YOU and your achievements! Write a blog post, share photos, update your social media accounts! Tell the world what you’re doing as a woman in business! What are you proud of? No matter how big or small – share it. Don’t forget to get involved in online conversations and use the official hashtags!

Don’t forget to tag us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram when you do share! We’re @thesimplifiers on everything!

Support Other Women

This can be as simple as re-tweeting another woman or talking about woman you admire in your Instagram stories. Or maybe doing some volunteering with a women’s charity.

You could consider running a workshop to help women build skills and share the knowledge you’ve built up in your career so far. Don’t underestimate how valuable that is.

You might also want to consider mentoring another woman. It could be someone in your team, a student or someone who is not as far along in their career as you are.

There’s a great vibe that accompanies International Women’s Day that I love. The supportive and friendly atmosphere is key to that and we can all play a part.

Have you made any plans for International Women’s Day yet? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media accounts!

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