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We know that working with interns has more challenges than simply the training itself. So, Mary has collated her top tips to give you guidance on key topics including:

  • How to find the best intern candidates – what to include in the write up and how to get your opportunity seen by talented applicants
  • Interviewing interns – how to spot a diamond in the rough.
  • How to prepare before an intern starts to give you the best chance of success.

PLUS we’ll be giving you worksheets that you can use to make the most of the training given in the videos.

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The Apprentice Program includes:
  • weekly “spark” training videos
  • intern homework missions
  • individual intern report cards
  • intern pop quizzes
  • mentor support and advice

Starting at just $75/intern USD per semester for our custom-crafted training, guaranteed to get your interns up to speed with the way your firm plans and produces events.

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