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By August 5, 2016March 31st, 2019thought of the day, working with interns

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Are you listening? Are you really listening?

Communication is today’s topic of choice – specifically listening to others.

TOD CORRECTEDToday’s inspiration came from my new business cards. Is it weird that I’m really excited about them?


While showing off my new cards at a networking event this week, I got a little annoyed…

Someone I’ve known for several months and who I’ve worked with in the past repeatedly kept getting the name of the University I graduated from wrong. I politely corrected her. Several times.

I didn’t mind her getting it wrong the first time – it was an innocent and easy mistake. What bothered me was the fact that she clearly wasn’t listening to me.

As far as she was concerned, my responses were just filler for her to get to the next point. So let’s just say this did not leave me with a good impression.

It’s a major DON’T for networking.

It undervalues people, makes them feel unimportant and it’s SERIOUSLY annoying.

But… I have to be honest, sometimes I’m guilty of listening just to reply. In fact, it’s actually a very common mistake I witness at networking events.

Sometimes we are too wrapped up in our own thoughts, what we want, what we think. We forget that conversations are a two-way things and we miss what someone is trying to tell us.

It’s the same in the workplace.

In my experience, the best managers are the ones who are genuinely interested in their team members. They ask questions and they actually want to hear the answers.

They know that there is value in what people have to say and that they can benefit from it.

Not only does this build better relationships within your team and increase motivation, but actually listening to what others are telling you can help you solve problems more effectively and be more productive.

The Apprentice Program believes that mentoring is a two way process. While your employees and interns learn from you, there are so many things you can learn from them, too.

But only if you really listen…

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