thought of the day: invest in personal development

confession time:

When I was younger, I used to think that personal development and “self-help” books were a waste of time. They were for people who didn’t have much going on in their lives and weren’t smart enough to figure out stuff for themselves.

Clearly I used to be an idiot.


CorrectedObviously, personal development is important.

Why struggle to try to figure out things for ourselves when we can learn from others?

It’s all about getting different perspectives, methods, life hacks and systems.  And I’ve got some ideas on how to do it… 

In my case, I just had to find the types of people and books that worked for me. I don’t like books that I consider to be “fluffy.” I like books with titles like : “Get Sh*t Done” and “F**ck It: The ultimate spiritual way”.  (note to self, maybe I’m a sailor and just really like swear words?)

I found the things that work for me are books and authors that don’t take themselves too seriously and don’t suggest I (just) think happy thoughts. I’m not judging if you like those kind of books because it’s all about finding whatever works for you!

I’m currently loving…

“The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Program for Confidence, Success and Happiness”. The Author, Dr. Steve Peters, is a professor in psychiatry and has simplified the way the brain works into 3 parts – The Computer, The Human, and The Chimp. I think he’s a genius.

He explains how to get control of your chimp brain and how to be the most productive and rational thinking version of you.

Dr. Peters builds his work on the neuroscience of the brain and addresses behavioural, cognitive, developmental, dynamic, analytical and biological aspects. Luckily, he has also simplified all this into a simple model.

He also includes amusing sketches and who doesn’t love a good picture book…

I’m also trying more well-known books like “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway” and “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.

I read the latter in one sitting. It motivated me so much that as soon as I finished it, I got up and started throwing things into trash bags. Marie Kondo who wrote the book, talks about how much clutter and your personal space affects your mindset and since reading it I have noticed a direct link between my mental state and how messy my apartment is.

I can confidently say that the time I spend reading these books is a good investment, but I’ve learned that asking others for recommendations is the best way to find the gems that work for me. So, today we’re asking…

Which books do you recommend for personal or business development?

Which ones worked best for you? Did you learn anything life changing or surprising?

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