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Grumpy Cat Cocktail

Happy Birthday Grumpy Cat. As miserable as today may be for you as a perpetual grumpster, we hope some joy can be elicited from celebrating not dying yet another year in perfect Grumpy Cat fashion, with a cocktail! To the inner grump inside us all, we salute you Grumpy Cat with your very own Grumpy Cat Cocktail!

Here are 5 okay times to be grumpy while sipping your Grumpy Cat Cocktail today:

5. Being Grumpy because your friend or partner keeps stealing the TV remote the moment you get up to walk to the kitchen to refill your Grumpy Cat Cocktail. You know who these people are! They secretly brood about how your HGTV show is boring them to death, thinking to themselves, just how many more paint colors a couple must try before settling on the palette for the space! Just pick one! What do they do? They wait and nab! This is by far a perfect opportunity to be grumpy and maybe even wait and nab it back yourself!

4. Being Grumpy because your lover ate the last slice of banana bread this morning before work. Yes, we all learned to save the last piece for someone else. But, you surely thought since you are always the one to sweetly save a slice, surely today was your turn to indulge in that last piece. No! Wrong you are! Go ahead and be a grumpster because without breakfast, now you are hungry and late!

3. Being Grumpy because your co-worker next to you has headphones on but fails to realize they are singing aloud with their 80’s one hit wonder track list. Oh how you wish you could tune them out, but alas, your headphones were left in your other briefcase for work. You have our permission to be grumpy and definitely find some ibuprofen when the headache from her high notes hit.

2. Being Grumpy because the host sat you at a wobbly table. We have all been there sadly. Tipping your $12 cocktail into your lap, this topsy-turvy table has just sent you into the land of the grumps. Totally valid time to be grumpy.

1. And finally – being Grumpy because it’s not yet the weekend! This is a totally valid reason to be grumpy, especially at 4:45 PM at the office. Go ahead and be grumpy. We guarantee half of the office secretly too is counting down the minutes to go time. Celebrate your inner grump after work with this Grumpy Cat Cocktail. You are not alone!

Grumpy Cat Cocktail Recipe

Grumpy Cat Cocktail


2 oz Bourbon Whiskey
1 oz Lime Juice
Ginger ale


Pack an old-fashioned glass with ice. Add old grand dad bourbon, lime juice and top with ginger ale. Serve with a sip stick, no garnish.

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