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Kir Royale

Kir Royale

It’s Friday and nothing screams the weekend more than Champagne on ice! Step aside happy hour, this Friday we are celebrating in exquisite style and stepping up the class, with this time-honored French apéritif, the Kir Royale. Long before Americans flocked to bars for a few quick sips post work, the French already had a posh  beverage and savory snack break in place. Insert “L’apéritif” – this is the chic French version of our American happy hour. When it comes to pleasure and taste, the French know best. This Friday’s signature cocktail is simple to make, doesn’t skimp on sophistication, and certainly will not disappoint your polished palate.


Ratio: 1/5 Crème de Cassis to 4/5 chilled dry Champagne


Pour 1 tsp. crème de cassis into a Champagne flute and top with Champagne or sparkling wine. Simple right?

Are you looking to impress your friends Chez Vous tonight? After all, if we are doing Friday night with a French twist, don’t forget to pair it with cheese. What type of cheese you ask? Soft ripened cheeses such as brie, camembert, and select goat cheeses pair well with the Kir Royale. You do not want your Kir Royale to be too sweet or too dry – the right balance will not dominate the soft buttery notes of the paired cheeses and is enough to whet the palate in anticipation for dinner. Your guests will be impressed and your little black dress and stilettos will get some wear time!

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