Cocktail Friday :: Low Cal Long Island Tea

Low Cal Long Island Tea

Working hard to keep that New Year’s Resolution of eating better or living healthier? No problem! We are here to help. This week’s cocktail, The Low Cal Long Island Tea, is a great alternative to the original which can pack up to 700 calories per serving. This lighter version has just as much flavor but about 80% less calories. So let loose this weekend and have a guilt free Low Cal Long Island Tea, we promise you wont regret it!

If you want to try some other low cal versions of your favorite cocktails, there are tons of options on this website.

Low cal long island tea



Take a long piece of lemon rind and  twist it hard to release the oils in an empty glass, rub it around the inside of  the glass, and throw it in the bottom.  Mix ingredients together over ice in a  glass. Pour into a shaker and give one brisk shake. Pour back into the glass and  make sure there is a touch of fizz at the top.
We like our Low Cal Long Island Tea with a bit of lemon and mint as a garnish!  Enjoy!

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