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 If you’ve been noticing a lot more hair on the faces of those around you, don’t be alarmed. We are right smack-dab in the middle of “No-Shave November” or as some like to call it, Movember.  The tradition of growing facial hair during this month aims to raise awareness for men’s health issues.

We say let’s celebrate the manliness of the stache and use Moustache Bash as a theme for your next birthday party, baby shower, wedding or any other get-together. Let’s FACE it – most things are a little more fun with a stache.

Moustache Bash

Moustache Bash

This Moustache Bash Inspiration Board brings together fun pops of color, the iconic image of a moustache and some quirky details to create a laid back and light-hearted experience. Whether you’re a hipster, a manly man, an adult or a child, a Moustache Bash is fun for everyone. The best part about a Moustache Bash is that you can spin it anyway you’d like by adding your own twist.

The colors of this Moustache Bash inspiration board were inspired by Marquee’s Red Waterfall, Ecru Polka Dot Sheer & Dutch Blue Bengaline table linens.

Moustache Bash Images:

Catch My Party | Catch My Party | Holiday SnobLady PirateNested Egg |

This Moustache Bash Inspiration board was designed by The Simplifiers – Austin’s top event planning and personal concierge firm, offering full service wedding planning for luxurious events, dreamy events, quirky events and everything else in between.  For more information, visit or give us a jingle at  512.695.7744.


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