The Special Event Show 2017 – Risk Management Strategies for Working in Non-Traditional Venues & with Artists.

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This week, The Simplifiers will be at The Special Event Show 2017 where you have the opportunity to hear talks from our CEO – Mary Baird Wilcock, CSEP.

The Simplifiers specializes in producing non-traditional events for our corporate clients. However, what you might not know is that Mary has been part of the Burning Man community for well over 13 years and has worked with artists and creatives in the live events industry.

We were all shocked by the Ghost Ship fire last month. Mary’s talk looks at the best ways to avoid these tragedies as event professionals and what to look out for when working in non-traditional venues and with artists.

Ghost Ship

Mary will be sharing:

  • What to look for when venue scouting for non-traditional spaces.
  • 5 immediate low-cost (or free) building & safety modifications that can be made to creative spaces to reduce risk.
  • Best practices for working with artists, creatives and their large-scale art installations at your event.
  • Going BIG – what risk management plans do you need for large-scale (500+ attendee) events?
  • No matter if your event is for 5 or 5000, how to create a risk management plan, ingress/egress crowd control policy and SWOT analysis. Plus, how to communicate it effectively with your vendors, suppliers, volunteers and client to ensure safety

Join her talk on Wednesday January 11, 4:30pm – 6:00pm PST, Room: SHORELINE AB

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