Venue Spotlight | The Winflo Osteria

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The Winflo Osteria

winflo osteria

The Winflo Osteria is a culinary and event experience as exceptional and unique as the city in which it resides. Winflo is chicly unfussy and cool in the way that our best friend’s big sister seemed when we were just pig-tailed tweens.  The restaurant offers more than just a dining experience to patrons, the Osteria is a place to let your hair down and unwind with family and friends over a table in true Italian tradition. The bungalow-style building is recognizable by its lime green exterior and handily located on the very far west end of 6th Street. Winflo Osteria boasts a killer semi-covered patio suitable for all (two) Texas seasons, a dining room with personality and posh in equal measures, and a multi-purpose event space already in high demand.


Upstairs at Winflo is the main dining room and a beautiful wooden bar that’s fully stocked with an entire selection of most any local and Italian spirits one might desire. Bartenders can shake, stir, or mix any of the cocktails on the menu or whip up a classic rum and coke if that’s what tickles your taste buds. The brews are seasonal as well as the menu, and as many locally sourced and organic ingredients are used as possible. This doesn’t limit the chefs at Winflo though, who are more than willing to work with event clients to construct a menu reflective of each fete. The décor is kitschy but classic in a casually European sort of way. The open floor plan of the dining room allows conversation to flow throughout the inviting space with ease. The large outside patio is a dream come true for any Austinite, and a perfect place to gather with loved ones for a catch-up or to host a celebration of anysort. Well-lit in the evening, breezy in the summer, and well-heated in the cooler months the patio at the Osteria truly has an inviting magic about it.winflo

Downstairs in the Listening Room you just never know what might be happening as it is host to all sorts of live events and the stage in the room makes it perfect for performances of all sorts. Winflo hosts a weekly three-course dinner and a show on Thursday evenings in this space where attendees are encouraged to unplug and enjoy the flavors, sounds, and atmosphere of the evening. With a maximum capacity of 50 people, the Listening Room is the perfect place for an intimate get-together such as a rehearsal dinner, anniversary, or a gourmet pizza birthday party. There is plenty of room to set up a large tent in the courtyard currently used for valet parking and the staff at Winflo are already pros at handling the logistics because they’ve done it before for South by Southwest. The Listening Room, the dining space, and/or the patio are plenty of options for a versatile event space for most clients. But, at Winflo the choices in event layout are as varied as the wine.



For more about Winflo, or for information regarding private events, please call 512-582-1027, go to, or email

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