What Does Event Stuff Cost in Austin?| Cake Balls (part2)

What Does Event Stuff Cost in Austin? | Cake Balls (part 2)

Yesterday we asked you…

How much do you think this custom festive cake ball display cost? (in total there were 2000 cake balls + labor, hard costs, decor, design, baking and decorating are all included in this price)

cake balls

The correct answer was C. $2000-$2500

and on the lower end of that range! Let’s take a look at some specifics…

Cake Ball Display Food Cost

Yield: 2000




Baking Powder4oz$0.50
Eggs15 Dozen$22.99
 Passion Fruit Puree24oz$22.99
Blue Food Candy Coloring1oz$5.99
Yellow Food Candy Coloring1oz$5.99
Milk Chocolate10lb$63.99
White Chocolate10lb$63.99
Raspberry Extract1oz$3.99
Parchment Paper24$6.00
Cocoa Powder5lbs$25.99
Powdered Sugar25lbs$18.99
Red Food Coloring1oz$5.99
Green Food Candy Coloring1oz$5.99
Vanilla Bean Paste32oz$32.99
Dark Chocolate25lb$89.99
Lemon Extract1oz$5.99
Silver Decorative Sprinkles2oz$5.99
Cake Ball Sticks2000$100.00

Total Cost:


Production Time:

24 hours ($20)$480

Catering coordination – setup, replenishing, etc.

9 hours ($30)$270

Covers insurance, profit, overhead, equipment, cleaning, etc…

Margin for Company (60-75%)$663.48 to $774.06
Total Cost to Client:$2039.28 to $2149.86

so the 43% of you that voted for choice C. $2000-$2500 were right!

(folks, that’s just over $1 per ball)

About this event: The gals at The Vanilla Orchid were a complete joy and pleasure to work with. We got to work side by side with their team on the design concept and execution of the display itself to create something that our client would LOVE (don’t worry, we left the actual baking of the cake balls to the experts). While the cake balls were indiviaually hand decorated to match the colors and theme of the event as a work of art in themselves, the quality of the product and taste was actually the most impressive part of this display. These cake balls were INCREDIBLE. The Vanilla Orchid also catered an appetizer buffet to match the style of the event which was equally as delicious. We recommend them for any of your Austin catering needs!

Photo Credit: Jerry Hayes Photography

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