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By February 28, 2013What Does Event Stuff Cost?

What Does Event Stuff Cost in Austin?| Floral Centerpieces (part 2)

Yesterday’s question was…

How much do you think these unique, hand crafted, floral centerpieces cost? (in total there were 6 centerpieces + 2 buffet arrangements + design/construction/delivery are all included in this price)

floral centerpieces

floral centerpieces

The correct answer was B. $1000-$1400

And well worth it! Let’s take a closer look…

The floral centerpieces from King Florist seen here rang in at $1375.00. This includes the conceptual design, construction and raw materials of the 6 centerpieces at $150 each and 2 buffet arrangements at $200 each plus $75 for delivery of the floral centerpieces to the venue.

All together the total = $1375.00

…so B. $1000-$1400 was the correct answer!

Insight from the Vendor: Lynsey, one of the designers at King Florist gave us some great information about what all went into these floral centerpieces. During our discussion, I found out that this concept was worked on for 5 to 6 days and an additional 2 days was spent acquiring all of the materials.  They sourced the succulents and orchids locally, the birch and sugar cones were imported from Oregon, the fresh pine is from the Pacific North, and the roses came all the way from Ecuador.

Each arrangement took Lynsey about 45 minutes to design and she was working to create something within the client’s demographic – “it had to be cool, masculine, and aesthetically pleasing. Since it was for a holiday party, it had to be festive without being too specific towards a religion. We were given a color scheme but didn’t want it to be too monochromatic. The challenge was creating a subtle holiday arrangement while combining all elements into one design.” We were lucky that Lynsey and her team were willing to take on the challenge and we couldn’t have been happier with the results!

Lynsey also added, “It helps the creative process when you have absolute creative freedom like we did even within those guidelines. It is such an important part for design, otherwise you’re boxed into someone else’s ideas. Your client had no idea what was going to be created. It was like the perfect holiday surprise for them too.” We couldn’t agree more!

Photo Credit: Jerry Hayes Photography

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