What Does Event Stuff Cost in Austin?| Branded Bar – Part 2

What Does Event Stuff Cost in Austin?| Branded Bar – Part 2

Yesterday we asked…

How much do you think these custom branded bar information booths cost? (in total there were 12 separate pieces – half of which were branded with the event logo. Branded bars and corner pieces, LED light boxes, delivery, on-site labor, design, customization and assembly at both locations are all included in this price)

A. $3000-$5000   B. $5000-$7000   C. $7000-$9000   D. $9000 +

branded bar

branded bar

The correct answer is B. $5000 – $7000 (with our extra special super hero discount, of course!)

  • The bars typically cost between $450- $500 each to rent for 3 days
  • The corner pieces typically cost $150 each to rent for 3 days
  • The customization with our client’s logo cost $350 per item
  • Delivery/ Pick up was at two different locations so it cost about $2500

When all was said and done, AFR was able to bring our vision to life for the price of $6,880

so B. $6000-$8000 was the right answer!

Insight from the vendor:

Designing the branded bar starts at the research phase. Finding out what the market demands nationally and looking at functionality versus design aesthetics, costs, transport, and labor.   Our bars go the extra step by making the bartending easier with a drink rail, shelves and ice bin built into the unit.

We have also invested in wireless LED lights that are battery operated and remote controlled.  This makes placement easy on the event designer and the venue.   Extensive testing is done using multiple lighting options to find the best option for our clients and their event needs. The development of the unit from design to market delivery took 10 months. Cost in the developing a product like this ranges from: 10k – 15k.

A key element in the design of the branded bar was the ability to brand the piece. For this reason careful planning went into the ability to create a clean, flat surface for printing and the ability to remove the medium the print was to be applied too.  The printing process itself takes knowledge and precision.

The first step is a very high resolution image.  Printing costs can increase with larger prints and more colors, in addition to having to manipulate images  for print ready conditions.  Applying and removing the print takes a team of two trained staff members to reduce bubbles and distortion of the image.

Logistics, transport, and placement are the final elements to ensure the branded bar is functional and branding is of maximum exposure for the client at the event.  Lights are set to client’s specifications on site by the delivery team with final instructions on how to turn off, on, and change lights as needed.

 NOTE: The pricing of these branded bars is from a 2012 event and includes pricing that is offered when working with a professional event planner. Figures from this post are examples and are not guaranteed for future events.

Photo Credit: Ron Parks Photography

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