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By February 21, 2013What Does Event Stuff Cost?

What Does Event Stuff Cost in Austin?| Ice Sculpture (part 2)

Yesterday, we asked you…

How much do you think this one-of-a-kind, custom-made, ice sculpture curtain cost? (keep in mind, this price includes design, labor, delivery, raw materials, etc)

A. $500-$1000             B.  $ 1500- $2000             C. $2200-$2700                  D. Over $3000

Ice Sculpture

 The Answer:  C. $2200 – $2700!

And worth every penny…now, lets break it down a bit.

The ice sculpture curtain from Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures seen here rang in at $1850.81 – this includes everything from the raw materials, to the design and construction, to the packaging and transport and finally the 3-person ice crew that it took to install. You’ll also see the large 12′ tower that the ice sculpture is hanging from in the photo above. This was brought in by ILIOS Lighting and added $359 for the truss tower, labor and lighting to complete the display.

All together the finished product totaled = $2209.81

…so C. $2200-2700 was the correct answer!

Insight from the Vendor: Sean Leahy, owner and sculptor of Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures shared some very interesting inside information with us about this piece in particular. He was inspired by the work of Ice Culture –  a Canadian ice sculpture company, to create this custom ice sculpture curtain and it took at least 8-10 hours to transform normal ice blocks to what you see here. As with any of his work, 95% of the creative design is complete before any ice is touched and is done by using a combination of sketches and computer programs to create the vision ahead of time. This still leaves some wiggle room as needed and takes a few hours before even getting into the construction of the project.

While ice sculpture creation is most definitely an art, there is a science behind it too. Using warm aluminum plates, the sculptor is able to flatten and fuse ice to manipulate it into the desired design. A special plastic coated metal cable was used for this ice sculpture to support the weight of the ice as well as screw sets to hold the individual ice pieces in place.

We were thrilled with the finished product of this ice sculpture curtain and highly recommend contacting Full Spectrum for any of your future ice sculpting needs!

Photo Credit: Jerry Hayes Photography

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