What’s on in Nottingham? 5 events to try this weekend

By May 3, 2017May 29th, 2019What's on in Nottingham

After a relaxing bank holiday weekend, The Simplifiers are spending the next few days in the office making sure we’re on top of our event planning projects. But we’re looking forward to all of the interesting (and in some cases unusual) events in Nottingham this weekend…


Theatre… with a difference

Fri, 5th May – 7:00pm – The Almighty Other – Surface Gallery

This is an immersive theatre experience which means you’ll be getting involved…

In this show, all of the characters are killed in a freak accident and end up in purgatory. You’ll be told that you must behave in a way which you believe to be good in order to end up in Heaven. If you are bad, you will go to Hell but from there, it is entirely up to you how the story progresses…

There will be further shows next week too – we’ve already booked our tickets!

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Fri, 5th May – 7:30pm – Opera North: Turandot – Theatre Royal

Want something more traditional? How about a classy night out listening to Nessun Dorma?

In ancient Beijing, Princess Turandot decrees that she will marry the prince who can solve three riddles and those who fail will be put to death. Prince Calaf, dazzled by her beauty, determines to win her, despite pleas of the servant girl Liù, who is secretly in love with him.

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Raise money for charity with a MaraFun

Sat, 6th May – 6pm – The I’m Not From London MaraFUN – Forest Fields Grounds

This is not your typical marathon. It involves 11 Bands, 11 Miles, and 11 Pubs. The minimum sponsorship you need to raise to enter is only £20 so there’s still time for you to sign up!

A different band/musician will be playing in each venue. Your mission will be to get to each venue by hook or by crook to get a stamp from the musician before catching a song or two, refresh yourself, then get to the next venue…

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Food… lots and lots of food

Sat, 6th May – Viva Vegan Festival – Nottingham Conference Centre

The Simplifiers team are pretty big foodies so any event with stalls of lots of different food is going to get us excited!

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Clown around

Sun, 7th May – 10am – The Fundamentals of Clowning Workshop – Circus Hub

Want to try something really different this weekend? You could spend a day learning about the fundamentals of clowning and how to feel and enjoy your own ridiculousness. Don’t worry if clowns creep you out – the most you’ll have to worry about is red noses!

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