exclusive lunch and learn for event professionals in ILEA Boston!

We’ve got exciting news for any ILEA members in and around the Boston area!


This Thursday, 8th September, ILEA Boston is hosting an exclusive, ILEA members only event at K2 Cafe in Kendall Square.

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Official artworkILEA Board of Governors member, Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP and CEO of The Simplifiers will be livestreaming in for this in-person event. She will be answering your questions and sharing her very best practices that she has learned in the last 9 years working with interns in the events industry.

Trust us, she tells it like it is.


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Do Millennials baffle you?

 Are you drowning in a sea of busy work and intimidated by the idea of having to manage a team of interns on top of that?

 Do you think that interns are only really helpful when they shadow day-of the event?

If you said YES to any of those above, you’ll want to join us at this event as it’s sure to bring quite a few a-ha moments!

PLUS you have the chance to network with other members over lunch.

What You’ll Learn on the Webinar:

▪      5 ways to prep your internship program for Fall 2016

▪      4 tips on where to find great intern candidates

▪      3 must-ask questions in the interview that they won’t anticipate

▪      2 key traits they gotta have BEFORE you hire them

▪      1 rapid-fire list of tips that’ll transform you into a super mentor

ILEA Boston delivers top-notch industry education – don’t miss out on your chance to develop professionally and learn how to take your business to the next level with interns.

This opportunity is available to ILEA members only!

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The Apprentice Program provides easy to implement, structured training for your interns, apprentices and new hires in the events industry.  Get them onboard faster with how your firm plans, designs and produces live events.

The Apprentice Program includes:

  • weekly “spark” training videos
  • intern homework missions
  • individual intern report cards
  • intern pop quizzes
  • mentor support and advice

Starting at just $75/intern USD per semester for our custom-crafted training, guaranteed to get your interns to think faster on their feet.

Join the waiting list for Fall 2016 start.GOT INTERNS THIS FALL?-3

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