We simplify small business strategy for female creatives

What we do

The Simplifiers Podcast

Taking topics in business and in life — and simplifying them.

Business Coach & Mentor

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Public Speaking

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Who we are

We are your undercover superheroes.

We help female creatives simplify small business strategy, like a hero.

Led by Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP, the host of The Simplifiers Podcast, we provide high-level coaching to creative entrepreneurs all over the world, helping you simplify & optimize your business.

What we are known for…

  • Time Management & Productivity – helping you get things done… without the overwhelm
  • Sales – helping you become a magnet to your Ultimate Ideal Client and get paid what you’re worth
  • Simplifying – helping you reduce the NOISE, nourish yourself as a business owner and get back to basics… doing less to accomplish more

Are you ready for a change? Reach out, we are ready to help.

We are The Simplifiers.

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